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Educational Aims


The aim is to lead the children to be independent, but also to act responsible and compassionate.
Every child is unique. Our behavior should be based on appreciation.
But children and teenagers also need their age corresponding guidance and attendance.

We will make every effort to provide the teens age-appropriate spaces.
However, it is not possible because of the security situation in Nairobi, to grant the same freedoms that are possible in Germany. (House rules on request)

We see ourselves as Christians. And also have the appointment of the parents and missionary organizations to carry the faith of a loving
and just God to the children. We want to be indicative of this and bring it closer with various joint activities.
We expect all to participate in the group times. However, each one can decide how active he / she wishes to participate in the events.
It’s important to us that even children who do not share our faith, are accepted and feel comfortable.