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Registration and Deregistration

Registration and Deregistration must be in written form and 3 months prior to the start of the school year.
We would be happy to send you a registration form.
If there are still spots available, we can also consider late applications.


We will tell you the fees for the hostel on request.


The teens are cared for by the house parents and a volunteer from Germany.
These are supported by Kenyan employees who work in the housekeeping and garden areas.

Target Group:

The target group are children of missionaries of the AEM and other missions work in East Africa.
If spots are available, we will also accept children of others, when they can agree with our goals.


Basically, we accept children from the 6th Class (or the school year in which they become 12 years old) till high school on.
If admissions are available, an earlier registraion in may be considered, especially if older siblings have lived in the hostel before.


From children who are new to us ,independence in personal hygiene and a minimum of a sense of order is expected.
The child should be able to register their needs and ask questions if it does not understand something.
For older teenagers it’s also important to us that they consciously accept to become to abide by the hostel rules and jointly agreed to contribute to a pleasant cooperation. This also includes various services during the week for which everybody is responsible.